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Leather USB Thumb Drives

Amongst the new generation of stylish portable storage devices is the leather covered USB thumb drives. These drives are filled with the latest features and are available in various capacities. Compatible with the latest technology, our thumb drives are available at very competitive rates and make them affordable to users.Our leather bound thumb drives are compatible with USB interface 2.0 and 1.1 and only need to be plugged in any USB port. In addition, the thumb drives are powered via the USB port and therefore are energy efficient as they do not require any additional source of power. Adopting a simple plug and play method whenever used, our leather bound USB thumb drives do not require a setting up process to enable reliable use. We can customize the leather casings for our clients by embossing their company logo and phone numbers, these can then be used as corporate gifts for their existing and potential customers. The stylish customized thumb drives provided to your clients can create huge brand awareness amongst them. Repeated use of the customized thumb drives by their customers assist companies to gain a competitive advantage through brand recollection.
The leather casing provides excellent protection to our high quality pen drives enclosed within the casing. Additionally, it protects the thumb drives from shock and makes them more durable. The users of our pen drives can use the portable drives to store their important files for long durations. Another feature of these thumb drives are the buttoned down top clips, which makes it convenient for users to plug in the device to any USB port.

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#989 Available in White Black Red Purple and Blue #994 Available in Pink & Transparent
#995 Available in Silver Only  

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB thumb Drives.

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