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Selected USB Thumb Drive Designs

Many different and significant original designs are commercially available today from our new range of drives. These are small, attractive designs and will be brought into the market to cater to consumers in terms of style and affordability.  A variety of colour and shapes make our branded USB thumb drive a delight to own and use. These drives are associated with high standards of reliability, usability and data protection. They have marvellous features like a data transfer rate exceeding 30mbps, total compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB1.1 these drives symbolize “hotswap” technology, a technology which permits the drive to be plugged in and removed from the computer without shutting down the system. They are fully  compatible with PC and Mac.
A USB thumb drive as a computer hardware component that has a tiny printed circuit board coupled with a USB connector to interface with your computers USB bus. Constructed of a variety of materials such as metal, plastic and even leather casing you can be assured of the rugged reliability not matter which material is used. These days with continuously developing technologies, we have many different types of USB thumb drives made commercially available in a hug variety of shapes and sizes.
As a departure from the normal rectangular cases (which are still available) we offer an entirely new collection of shapes, sizes and functionality. No matter design you choose for your branded UDB thumb drive you will be guaranteed high data transfer rates, capacities from 1GB through to 32GB storage and the ultimate in reliability and data retention.

Please take the time to look through all of our new designs and features and consider having your drives custom printed as an attractive, useful gift for your valued clientele.   

Click here to contact us for your free quote. Please note we have 100 unit minimum order for this item.

SE05 Available only in Blue SE06 Available in Black White & Blue
SE08 SE02
SE08 Available only in White SE02 Available in White Black Silver Blue Pink & Purple
SE04 SE09
SE04 Avaiable in Black or Blue SE09 Available only in White
SE11 SE03
SE11 Available in Black or White SE03 Available in Orange Blue & Green
SE10 SE01
SE10 Available in Black or White SE01 Available in Black or White
SE12 Available in Black or White

Please click here to view our Current Pricelist. (If you wish to download it – right click and choose save as)

Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB thumb Drives.

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