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CD Non Woven Sleeve

Being so lightweight makes this sleeve ideal for including your disc in other packaging or mail out material. This sleeve provides great protection for the disc while still retaining all the space saving properties of the sleeve. The clear plastic window in the side of the sleeve allows the  printed material on the disc to be seen from the outside.

CD Non Woven Sleeve
CD Non Woven Sleeve
CD Non Woven Sleeve
CD Non Woven Sleeve
Disc Half Out.
CD Non Woven Sleeve
Alternate View.
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Possibly the lightest CD Package available. Ideal for safely storing your discs for archiving also excellent for holding your CD project within another package or publication. The edges of the top
and bottom of the case form a unique seal around the disc further protecting the disc for
the elements. An excellent eye catching design .
Projects can be presented with the same quality and reliability but with the enormous added visual and even novelty value,  your market will be unable to ignore.

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