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CD PVC Wallet with Insert

All the price, weight and durability of the standard CD PVC Wallet, this case has the added value of a printable gloss insert. Add more information and more sales messages to the publication of your disc to maximise the impact to your market. Used as a promotional packaging for music, product marketing or instructional material this packaging system guarantees style within your budget.

CD PVC Wallet with Insert
CD PVC Wallet with Insert
CD PVC Wallet with Insert Back CD PVC Wallet with Insert disc half out
CD PVC Wallet with Insert
from the Back.
CD PVC Wallet with Insert
Disc half out.
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Remarkably strong and resilient, it's little wonder that this original classic is what comes to mind when you think of a CD Case.Available in a variety of different colour combinations. When used to package an album the CD Digipac increases the space available to present your printed material.Premiere packaging to deliver your CD project to market. Possibly the lightest CD Package available. Ideal for safely storing your discs for archiving also excellent for holding your CD project within another package or publication.
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