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DVD Copy Protection

We can incorporate one of several DVD/CD copy protection schemes into your DVD/CD during the manufacturing process. This will give you the peace-of-mind that your valuable video, audio and/or data is protected from copyright infringement.

dvd copy protection

The various copy protection mechanisms differ significantly and include DRM, CD-checks, dummy files, illegal table-of-contents, over-sizing or over-burning the CD, bad sectors, physical errors amongst other methods. Many of these protection schemes depend on breaking conformity with the CD and DVD standards. If not applied correctly, the result can be playback problems on a some devices.

For DVD's, CSS Managed Recording is a revolutionary technology that enables commercial audiovisual content to be recorded on special recordable DVD media by means of the same content protection system as pre-recorded DVD Video - CSS.

Will these DVDs play back on the standard DVD players currently on market?
The copy protected DVDs will be compatible with the large majority of existing home audio play station, laptops, home computers and most other electronic DVD players..

Assuming successful professional use of CSS Managed Recording, end user electronic sell-through applications, allowing customers to download content and record onto the new recordable media by means of an approved online digital distribution system, are likely to follow.

Professional use is defined as being a business model where a disc producer or retail shop “burns” content onto a disc in response to a consumer or end user request. Protection does not extend to non-commercial, individual consumer devices copied in the home.

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