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DVD Replication

DVD replication allows for storage capacities 14 times greater than CD-ROM, from 4.7 (DVD 5) to 17 Gigabytes. We can replicate your DVD with data on one or both sides and we can also produce a "dual-level" (DVD 9) DVD to increase the amount of information that you can fit on one disk.

You've come to the right company if you're looking for:

  • Information on the replication process. Click here for a detailed video...
  • Competitive pricing on bulk DVD Replication services.
  • Knowledgeable staff to give you advice.
  • Commercial DVD production.
  • Fast turnaround on a project.
  • Excellence in production quality and service.
  • DVD Duplication ( Quantitys 500 units and above )
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Large runs are our specialty. We can fulfill orders from 1,000 units to 5,000,000 and over. We can help you with all your DVD Replication requirements, including advice on where to start.

We will carefully guide you through the process of your DVD Replication project to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final product and with our service.

Our DVD Replication services are ideal for large scale distribution of DVD content. No order is too large for us to fill.

DVD Replication is the best and most efficient process for copying 1,000 or more DVD's. We use a glass master to make molds, also known as stampers. Each disc is reproduced or pressed using the stampers. This ensures you get the highest quality at the lowest price.

We offer the following DVD types/formats:

  • DVD5 - a single layer of data on one side of the disc.
  • DVD9 - two layers of data on one side of the disc.
  • DVD10 - one layer of data on each side of the disc. DVD10 discs are most commonly used when both PAL and NTSC formats are required on the same disc.
  • HD and Blueray

We have a variety of DVD presentation options available to meet your budget - anything from basic card mailers to jewel-effect cases.

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