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Ordering Media Replication Services

The ordering processwith Earth First Infotec is really quite simple and your account manager will look after you every step of the way. If you have any questions at any time you can call us at any time 0800 INFOTEC ( 0800 463 683 ). From the moment you place your order with us through until your completed project is freighted to your door, the quality, security and value of your job is foremost in our minds.

If you follow the "Ordering Process" flow chart below you will see that every step of the way there are built in quality checks and proofs sent back to you for approval or to make changes to your project before we go ahead with the entire production run. It may seem a little technical, but not to worry that is why were are here to guide you through the ordering process, we are experts at getting is right the first time.
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Ordering Process Flow Chart

Firstly you would courier us your CD or DVD master or alternatively if time is short upload a disk image of your project to our FTP server. We would complete the HashCalc as below to ensure that we have the same master as you with no errors.

Checking Your Uploaded Master with HashCalcs.

If you upload a master image of your project to our server then will we use a specialised "HashCalc" software to ensure there have been no errors in the transfer process. This is done by creating a "checksum" or "digital signature" which is unique to your discimage. This checksum signature is then sent to our factory with a copy of your digital master image, the production manager then runs his own "HashCalc" and compares the two. If there are any errors the checksum signatures will be completely different from each other and therefore indicate errors. Click here to learn more about this process.

If you have decided to send a physical disc (which is the best option) as a master then this disc will be checked by a machine called Laser Beam Recorder or LBR, checks all data in your project to ensure it is error free. After your disc is classified error free by the LBR then glass master disc from which your discs will be manufactured is created.


Secondly we would send you a detailed proof sheet by email for you to check all the artwork and details of the job.

Once it is all approved to your complete satisfaction we begin the production as per the below process.

Production Overview
Process Quality Control Measures
Gold Master Disk Format & Image Analysis
Virus Inspection
Checksum Evaluation
Stamper Visual Inspection
Glass Master Electrical & Physical Parameter Analysis
Replication 100% Online Machine Scan
Visual Inspection
Disk Format & Image Verify
Electrical & Physical Parameter Analysis
Binary & CRC Value Verification
Functional Test
Printing Incoming Inspection on Films
100% On-line ID Check
Color & Quality Inspection
Pre-Pack Inspection Visual Inspection
Off-line ID Check
Color & Quality Inspection
Packing Materials Quality Inspection
Pre-production Sample (if required)
CD Insertion Check (If applicable)
Packing High Precision Quantity Count
Packing Material Check and Balance
Weight Measure
Outgoing QC Quality Inspection
Quantity Inspection


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