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Green Friendly USB Thumb Drives

A very popular new variety of USB thumb drives have now become available to the market, drive casings made from recycled paper products leave a much smaller carbon footprint on our planet and reduce the amount of raw materials required for construction of these drives. Shock resistance and durability are as good if not better than drives constructed from metal or plastic. They do not leave any harmful residue in the environment as they are biodegradable. The Recycled stock is collected just before they are thrown in the landfills and are used in the making of the USB thumb drives case.

Our eco friendly USB thumb drives make great promotional gifts and will be well received by your clients and associates. While taking care of the environment by using these eco friendly drives you customers will be impressed with your commitment to the environment . There is no functional difference between the ordinary USB thumb drives and eco friendly USB thumb drives, only the casings are different, the hi data transfer rates and reliability are maintained.

We at DVDReplication have come up with this product range as we are concerned about the safety of our environment - just like you. We also encourage you to use these products therefore helping with protection of our planet.
Our Eco Friendly USB thumb drives are placed inside a case which is made of recycled paper but still is as strong like metal or plastic casing as in ordinary USB thumb drives. Our collection at present is limited to a small selection of basic units. In the future we hope to come up with more products made of long-lasting recycled materials.


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E402 Available in Recycled Paper Colour E401 Available in Recycled Paper Colour

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB thumb Drives.

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