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CD Replication Versus Duplication

CD Replication or CD Duplication are the two methods of CD copying. How do they differ?

CD Replication means the disc will be pressed from a glass master and the artwork will be printed directly onto the disc surface just like any CD or DVD you find in retail stores.

Duplication means the disc will be burned from CD-R or DVD-R formats and the artwork will be printed on a paper label which is then applied to the disc surface.

Bravoo Dic Duplicator
Primera Bravo Disc Duplicator

Which method should you use? If you have enough time and the required quantity is 500 units or more, you should always use CD replication or DVD replication. The quality is far superior and the final result more professional.

The only time you would resort to CD duplication or DVD duplication is when you require less than 500 units or you need to rush the order. In that case you can use CD duplication or DVD duplication.

Duplicating can now be automated using a robotic arm with a duplicating tower. The tower can hold between 20 and 50 blank discs. As each disc is burned the robotic arm will remove it and replace the disc with another blank disc to begin the burning process again. This speeds up the duplicating process considerably. Some systems also allow the printing of the labels to automated. One such piece of hardware that allows a cd or dvd to be printed while another is being duplicated, is the Primera Bravo Disc Publisher. This unit contains a colour printer as well as a CD/DVD drive and a robotic arm. The disc tray can hold up to 20discs. As a disc is burnt, a robotic arm will remove it from the drive and put it into a slot ready for the printer to begin printing the label. A new disc is picked up from the tray and placed into the drive. As one disc is being burnt, the other is being printed. Record speeds and verification can all be set using the supplied software.

The unit connects to a usb 2.0 port. This improves data transfer speeds considerably over the older USB 1.0. This enables in-house burning to be carried out on smaller runs of 500 or less copies.

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