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Mini CD Discs

Mini CD's are an innovative and distinctive marketing tool that creates immediate visual impact. People will want to play it!. You too can use the same high-tech variation of the typical business card top corporate managers are now using. Impress your audience with a multimedia production, a video, a slideshow, a catalog or even a resume.

Our service to the customer is all-inclusive - from the creation and printing of your Mini CD through to the very important packaging to finish your product and make your desired statement.

What is a Mini CD Disc?

The Mini CD is a single-layered, 80-mm diameter disc, which can hold 210mb of music or data. The Business Card CD can hold between 30mb and 100mb of data.

Under normal recording conditions (CD quality), Standard Mini CD's can contain approximately 24 minutes of high quality music. The quantity of playing time depends on the format used for compression or mode of audio on the disk. The low density version holds 18 minutes or 155mb.

In simple language, a Mini CD is a smaller version of the standard CD; it has the same structure, but is smaller in size and capacity. Most stand-alone CD players will interpret the disc placed into the player as a standard CD-Video disc and will simply replay it as normal.

Please feel free to contact us about your Mini CD replication project. We at Infotech.co.nz take a great deal of pride in offering the highest quality products and take extreme care to meet your personal needs. You can be certain that you will be given personalized service and that we will treat your job as if it was our very own, no matter what size of order you require.

Why Doesn't the Mini CD Work On Somestand-alone players?

The CD Player must be able to identify the Mini CD as an ordinary CD-Video disc. Instead, some players may interpret that it is a CD-R/W as VCD, SVCD or CD Audio.

Our prices are extremely competitive and our turn-around time is extremely fast - usually within 10-15 business days. So please contact us to receive more advice on how we can help you with the production of your project.

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