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DVD Duplication

If you want to make less than 500 copies of a DVD or CD project, duplication is the most cost effective method. DVD Duplication is usually referred to as “burning”, which is the process of copying the contents of a single CD or DVD to a different disc by means of a drive with write capabilities. The quality of the data burnt will be always be inferior to the replication process and it is well known that there can be compatibility issues in different players.

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The DVD duplication process is generally used for runs of less than 500 discs. Many companies burn their information from hard drive to disc using in-house towers, which can consist of many other drives. These discs are all burnt from an image file on a hard disk which preserves the quality of the unique source files, then software organises the complete operation. Some towers even comprise robotic arms and disc magazines that can hold 25, 50 or 100 discs so that the entire burning process can be left unattended.

If you need more than 500 discs per title or a better quality result, it makes sense to outsource your bulk DVD duplication job to a commercial disk replication business. Earth First Infotec Ltd offers Commercial DVD replication that has proven itself dependable time after time, and is far more cost efficient than short run DVD duplication many times over.

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