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CD Duplication

CD Duplication is the process of 'burning' an image onto a cd. This is typically done for small numbers of CDs and there are generally no setup costs involved. A small run of 500 CD's would be duplicated

To produce an optical disc, one typically initially makes a disk copy with a full file structure intended for the optical disc, and then the image is burnt to the disc. The disc image is one file, created and stored on the hard drive, and contains the complete details to be transferred to the disc.

Countless programs produce the disc image and burn in a single process, so that end-users frequently do not recognize the difference. Nevertheless, a helpful incentive for knowing this difference is that making the disc image is a "costly" (time-intensive) procedure. For the most part disc writing software will discreetly remove this image from the "temporary directory" where it was made unless users inform the disc burning software to save the image, which can then be used for making additional copies of the identical image without the requirement to reconstruct the image every time.

Another application is the packet-writing software that do not involve writing the complete disc at once, but permit writing portions at a time, allowing the disc to be used in the matching way as rewritable media such as floppy disk.

A few operating systems are conscious of disc images as a file system format, and can mount these images so that they appear as real mounted discs. This attribute can be helpful for testing a disc image following authoring but prior to writing to the disc medium.

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